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VSF is the best but I wouldn't buy a 116610LN, I would buy the 126610LN from VSF. It's an amazing piece and AMAZING movement. with a 72-hour power reserve. it winds so smooth it feels like my genuine 3235. If you want a budget submariner, get something like the Noob Youth Edition. Reply.

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Here are 4 Best Replica Watch Forums you should follow in 2023. 1. RWG Forum. RWG Forum is a community to talk about watch reviews, genuine watches, straps, accessories, watch repair, upgrades, references, and more. 3 posts / week View Recent Threads. 2. Step 2: Specific Warm-Up (do 4-5 warm-up sets) Step 3: Test your 1RM by doing 1 AMRAP set with 90% of your previous 1RM. Step 4: Calculate your new 1RM with an online calculator. Only do a 1RM testing session if you feel fit & healthy, are well-rested, and have no injuries and no pain.Trusted Store List. These websites are known to the Fashionreps community and are regarded as "safe" places to shop. Sites involved in repeated instances of poor service or fraud may be removed from the list. If you have an issue with one of these sites, post a thread on the subreddit, and/or notify a moderator.Yeezy, TNF, Arc’teryx, Nike Tech Fleece, Tommy Hilfiger Sherpa Fleece and more (low karma user pls approve) 44 comments. r/FashionReps: Reddit's largest community for the discussion of replica fashion. Please press "See Community Info."Each time I do a set I eat a meal that contains about 20-25 grams of protein. 8 meals of about 250 calories each a day. I call it "earn the meal" routine. I haven't tested my max rep yet but I am adding load to my weighted vest for about two weeks already and is now at 20 Lbs as of this morning.

Black Morass grants roughly 1200 reputation per run. Heroic Black Morass will grant about 1900 reputation per run. Heroic Escape from Durnholde Keep will earn you about 2800 reputation per run. Edit: I should add that I am TANK, so it is possible to find a group very easily for me anytime for any option. Edit2: Correction (BM HC twice..)The most important things you need to be doing are high rep squats and conditioning if you aren’t already. Start doing 20 reps with a light, manageable weight. I don’t care if you squat over 500, do 135x20 for your first trial set. If you can’t squat 135x20 comfortably, you shouldn’t be doing this yet.JTime is a TD from r/reptime, and IMO he's really someone you want to buy from for your first rep. Carries lots of different watches from different factories, great at QC, and all competitively priced. So first off, message Li through his WhatsApp (+86 139 2886 9440‬) or WeChat (jtimewatch) and ask if he has stocks on the watch you want to ...

Hello, my fellow RepTime friends. I was perusing RWI the other day and wanted to make sure this was visible to all on the subreddit because I know there are many users here that don't venture into the forums often. Since u/Mirotime is running a very generous giveaway that is stickied here on the subreddit they've no doubt attracted a lot of ...

Out of the box, VSF is very good. No date sub is good since the cyclops is hard to get right. The real move is to replace the crystal if you get one with a cyclops, it’s the biggest fault on these reps. Other replacements that would make it near impossible to tell would be the dial, datewheel and balance bridge.r/RepTimeQC: A dedicated place to post QC photos of replica timepieces, sister subreddit of r/reptime. We do not do 'legit checks' on watches, nor …TBH the weirdo "rep-elitist" mentality was very present even 10-15 years ago on the forums, I think it's just been magnified somewhat through your typical "Reddit lensing", ie a good proportion of replies are made solely for the purpose of gaining imaginary internet points, rather than actually contributing anything of substance.Imagine being able to get a good rep in 5 days instead of a month or so. I want it to be democratic in a sense that we can figure out how to best improve it and come up with new features based on reccomendations from members and dedicated polls and votes. Read the reviews of each TD, check their website and choose one that fits your needs. Read the intro post above if you have questions about the TD process.

Hello all, I started calisthenics a few months ago, and my exercises are time based. I have: 6 different exercises 40 sec activity, followed by 20 sec rest Repeating it 4 times. However I can't find any document, description, anything if time based exercises make sense in calisthenics or the best is going with reps.

You need to contact them (mail, whatsapp etc) and ask about a specific, chosen watch. You need to know what to ask for (that is the secret knowledge you need to learn). What model, what factory, what movement etc. Then they will provide you with prices, availability, approx. time of delivery. And you order, pay in advance and wait for QC pics.Ofc not, they will always use a rep movement to cut costs further, if you want you could instantly get it replaced with gen ETA but I don’t see the point. I have a rep BB58 with a A2824 and it holds time writhing 5 seconds a day and has lasted great so far9.3KF Nautilus 5711. About Nautilus 5711, it is also one of the best-selling replica watches, the blue one is the most popular model among all Nautilus 5711 replicas published by 3KF and PPF. 3K Factory installs a super clone PP 324 movement in the replica, its case thickness is also the one that is closest to genuine watch, which is less than ...For other general inquiries: My only real site is at My only contact email is at [email protected]. My only contact WhatsApp is at +86 139 2886 9440‬. Please Note: I do not reply quickly to reddit messages, it is quicker to use WhatsApp or Email for general inquiries. Wish you all the best.I had an older BP Sea Dweller 16600 that was well over 10 years old when I sold it. I did service it’s gen ETA 2824 movement once in that time span. But it was still running great. Was also waterproof to at least 50m (as high as my pressure tester will read) and it went in water many times. Was a great watch.r/ RepTimeServices Hot New Top 82 pinned by moderators Posted by u/ABezzy ⚜ Super Moderator 2 years ago STATE OF THE SUB: APRIL 2021 MOD POST 3 comments 20 Posted by u/Mark_Graysons_Pubes 10 hours ago Second hand scratching crystal from …Seems like a tall ask with the exhibition case back on a replica GMT movement plus that dial design. I know it’s not what you asked for but if you’re interested Bulova came out with really nice world timers this year that have a continental map etched on the dial for $700

I posted about this a few days ago and as I ventured to acquire my first rep from what I thought was a TD, it seems as though I got caught with my pants down... after doing my research and reading the comments, I decided on JTime... come to find out, there’s and of course, Needless to say, I placed my first order with ...10. 11. A Time Machine for Reddit - go back to any date for any sub you wish.Former Speaker of the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., walks near the offices of the Speaker of the House after Republicans failed for a second time to elect Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a top Donald Trump ally, to be the new House speaker, at the …I would suggest the GF Breitling Top Time Zorro dial for the list. Only $338, but it does come with a 7750, but closed case back. I cannot find any flaws between the watch and gen. It is a spectacular rep. Also, V6F makes a great Ballon Bleu as well in 42mm. It is just as good as my wife’s AF 33mm. Imagine being able to get a good rep in 5 days instead of a month or so. I want it to be democratic in a sense that we can figure out how to best improve it and come up with new features based on reccomendations from members and dedicated polls and votes.

spirit zulu time rep? I would love to see the Longines Spirit Zulu Time repped. No other watch looks quite like it, but at nearly $4000, it seems overpriced to me. Has anyone repped this yet? Is there a factory that does Longines? The Zulu Time rep is available. DM me and I'll send you pictures of mine. Olá!There’s more to life than what meets the eye. Nobody knows exactly what happens after you die, but there are a lot of theories. On Reddit, people shared supposed past-life memories that made them believe reincarnation could be possible. Do ...

Black Morass grants roughly 1200 reputation per run. Heroic Black Morass will grant about 1900 reputation per run. Heroic Escape from Durnholde Keep will earn you about 2800 reputation per run. Edit: I should add that I am TANK, so it is possible to find a group very easily for me anytime for any option. Edit2: Correction (BM HC twice..)Thats right 3 zeroes at the end. Or about $15k. 208. [deleted] • 2 yr. ago. Haha We we're talking about this just a few days ago. For anyone even interested in this monstrosity, you'll need a down payment of around 30% and the wait time is usually 20-35 days.I have nothing but good things to say. Holy fuck. I paid my order with another TD on 14.07. QC on 27.07 shipped 05.08. not received anything yet 🙄 I need to try Dr time next! The TD shipped my order, not the factory. Obviously the QC time depends on that.4PX EXPRESS 19 Giu 2020 16:00 Arrival of goods at destination airport Liege (LGG), Liege, Belgium. 4PX EXPRESS 19 Giu 2020 10:00 Released from customs: customs cleared Liege. 4PX EXPRESS 19 Giu 2020 06:00 Shipment departed from airport of origin country Macau Intl (MFM), Macau, Macau. 4PX EXPRESS 16 Giu 2020 11:00 Hand over to airline Macau ...Jonathan Ernst/Pool/AFP via Getty Images. President Biden gave a rare Oval Office address Thursday night to make the case that it is in Americans' best interests to hike funding for Israel after ...It looks gen to me man, the date looks great and rehaut. The box is definitely not rep box. I mean yeah sure he could fake that but why would you go to all that effort lol. looks good to me I think people just don't like he posts on rep time & Rolex sub Forum like I've done before.. they don't believe people can have both.Asked for comment, a Reddit representative directed The Times to a new report from the company on the state of its work with volunteer moderators; noted recent efforts to equip moderators with ...The left one has a smooth size transition where the shitter has a noticeable size difference in the case and the first link. Ah, thanks for pointing out the first link. I'm pretty sure the finish is just from one being old and one being a new watch. If you’re ever thinking if it’s worth spending more and getting a higher tier rep, this ...dr_kacka • 1 yr. ago. i don’t think someone snitched it’s more likely the automatic reddit bot that kicked out all bst and reptime was by far the biggest .. fashion reps bst also got kicked asap afterwards but they managed to stay up with a new sub just by renaming.. reptime tried this like 7 times always hyped af announcing the new sub ...The Datejust 41mm from EWF is inferior both to ARF and VSF and CF, but it's better than GMF or BP. You didn't cover the Oyster Perpetuals. The 41mm 124300, EWF and ROF are the only factories that make good reps of them. ROF may be closed. For 36mm 126000, EWF makes a good rep, alongside BP/GMF.

10. 11. A Time Machine for Reddit - go back to any date for any sub you wish.

Here is Elliott explaining its all time under tension. Reps and time under tension are the same thing - its all time under tension. If your program goes by reps then simply keep your reps at the same tempo. Do not progress by speeding up your reps. Took the words right out of my mouth.

Here is a photo of my VTNR that has had the PCL's brushed by LA Watch Works. They did an excellent job ! The Polished Center Links are too "blingy"…If you're brand new, pass on Intime....if you have a problem, customer service is sketchy at best. Plus, QC pics are lacking and we usually have to request others. Of course they have happy customers, but when things 'go south', they don't perform as well as one would hope. From my seat, the top 3 TD's to use would be Mirotime, Geektime watch ...GeekTime Review. I’m a new reptime member and decided to go with GeekTime for my first purchase. I based a lot of my decisions on what I saw on this sub - as far as selecting factories and TD’s. I got a CF blue dial DJ 36 mm with fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet. Start to finish the process took me less than two weeks from point of contact ... To compare how close the replica is to genuine. Window shopping. An opportunity to correct specific flaws or defects on a replica. QC is not an opportunity to compare how close the replica is to genuine. This should take place before QC during the research about which model to buy. All replicas have flaws. “Super reps” have flaws from genuine. Don't LARP Gen customer. Your Asian dealer doesn't call. You get a message with a tracking number. Eventually your rep arrives by package. It's so annoying when ppl on this sub say "I got the call" as though their rep dealer phones them to come on down to the Rep Boutique in their city/town and have a glass of fine Cognac as they retrieve their much awaited fake Rolex. TDs didn’t like selling parts. Now Trusty has a “parts department” but a year ago that was true, he wasn’t lying. It was really hard to get individual parts (though this is changing). I asked about ten TDs for a particular Omega bracelet and you’d think I was trying to buy a kidney. $150 is standard.Raiders don't affect your rep, nor does cultists. Unfortunately the only reliable way is to grind that +.01 for extracting as a scav. You can also try to use car extracts or PMC+Scav extracts to get those larger rep boosts. But honestly if you want to …

GS FACTORY. Snoopy spaceship dynamic mechanical movement. The earth pattern on the right side of the case back rotates once per minute, and the Snoopy pattern rotates counterclockwise in conjunction with the chronograph second hand when the wearer activates the chronograph function. The 42MM case is exactly the same as the original size.If you think that scandalous, mean-spirited or downright bizarre final wills are only things you see in crazy movies, then think again. It turns out that real people who want to make a lasting impression with their final wishes die all the ...Gen Specs: · Width 39,5 mm. · Lug width 20 mm. · Thickness 10 mm. · Movement: In-house Caliber 2500, co-axial (its an ETA 2892-2 based movement with added co-axial escapement) · The watch actually comes in A, B, C and D. AFAIK, C and D are 25,200 VPH while the A and B are 28,800 VPH. · Retail price: around 3900 USD.Geektime review/thoughts. Hi everyone, thinking about buying a watch from geektime. Has anyone bought from them before? If so, how was your experience and quality? 3.Instagram:https://instagram. hotels in manti utahroddenname all segments parallel to xtcenozoic era epochs Geektime review/thoughts. Hi everyone, thinking about buying a watch from geektime. Has anyone bought from them before? If so, how was your experience and quality? 3. texas postgame press conferencemizzou vs ku football Some Yupoo's/private websites are also on this list, as many sellers have switched to these mediums in 2020. Agent Guide. PandaBuy Agent Guide + Infinite 5% Off Discount. If you are interested in buying "direct" (no agent), see The Official Fashionreps Direct Buy List. Trusted Agent List. sand and gravel pits Try calling the Guangzhou police station. They can probably hand the phone to your "contact". Factories sell to TDs not general public. Talk to a TD about your special order. Commercial_Donkey443 • 6 mo. ago. HardMike8Miles • 5 mo. ago. OP is part of the CIA working on behalf of Breitling, fuk off.PSA: Sony is issuing refunds even past the 2 hour play time for digital games, if you file a refund claim and talk to a rep. Edit 5: Noticed this post is making the rounds in articles from IGN, EUROGAMER, Gamespot, and a list of others.Dang. Long time lurker. I just want to buy a (close to new) plain ol black dial rolex submariner if anyone can help. Good quality would be appreciated. I joined discord and will try to learn that platform but man that UI is trash lol